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Vitamin supplements

A lot of people these days are trying to improve their health . From television to newspapers, stories about people and how good is your health are. Although there are many companies out there that offer vitamins and supplements and claim that it will improve your health, you should investigate to make sure you’re not wasting your money.

If you’re looking to improve your health , you should try different vitamin supplements to find which ones are best for you. Diet is the ideal place to start, since you can make the most to improve your health instead. The diet can change your body and makes you feel much better. Today, many people eat too much sweets and sugar, refined foods instead of healthier products.

Follow a balanced diet

Although it is not a bad enjoy sweets and chocolate, you should never be habit – forming. You can still enjoy your favorite foods and although you should look for healthy food , you eat everything and think a whole. If you include healthy foods such as salads, vegetables and fruits in your diet, this will cause you to eat healthily. The proteins are also beneficial for your health, because they promote muscle growth. That is why a balanced diet and healthy, it must contain a sufficient amount of protein foods .

If you want to start eating healthy but do not know where to start, you should contact a nutritionist. He will be able to tell you where to start and how to achieve a healthy diet . Although’re trying to eat healthy and eat healthy or is likely you are not aware of vitamins, supplements the impact they have on your diet.

Dieticians are ideal to consult these types of questions, because they can answer any questions you may have concerning vitamins. They can also tell you which supplements are ideal for your health , and you should include in your diet. Different people have different needs and requirements, so it is essential to have the advice of a qualified professional. If you get advice from a professional, you know what you can add to your diet.

Obesity is a major public health problem, unless there is a satisfactory answer to this problem, the search continues! French researchers followed an original track: they tried to understand how skinny people are to remain.Losing weight through the “gene of thinness”

A rare disease that can help lose weight

Some people suffer from a rare genetic disorder characterized by the absence of a natural enzyme necessary for the digestion process, called the enteropeptidase . The disease prevents the latter to grow regardless of the quantities consumed. The risk is for them to suffer from malnutrition and being perpetually hungry or even starve to death while eating a lot!

Losing weight through the "gene of thinness"

French researchers, a start-up biotechnology company ObeTherapy Biotechnology have developed a molecule capable of inhibiting this enzyme, called Obe2008 . Such a molecule could act on the absorption of nutrients and prove an interesting way to combat overweight and diabetes.


To test this molecule, preclinical tests are currently carried out on mice. In a year and a half, human studies may will emerge and a drug could then be available in 7 or 8 years.


The same genes to lose weight and to take

According to the Franco-Swiss team, duplication of a region of chromosome 16 is associated with extreme thinness. If that area is underrepresented, it can play a role in obesity and overweight. Therefore, the identification of genetic variants could be equated with thinness , since the region of chromosome 16 has been identified as having a role in obesity . In fact, 1% of cases of obesity can be explained by a genetic abnormality linked to the disappearance of a fragment of chromosome 16. In short, if certain genes in the same genetic region are present in excess or are too small number, a disease may be triggered, as the sub-weight or obesity.


Lose weight, yes; too thin, no!

Assuming that these searches are successful, it is not obviously will lead to patients with obesity to lose weight without brake. The sub-weight is, like the obesity , a disease with consequences harmful to the health .


The Linecoaching method to stabilize its weight balance . It aims to eat according to its food sensations, what we love, which corresponds in duration to what we need in quantity and quality. Anyway, for those with no genetic abnormality such as those just described above. It addresses the difficulties of order psychological and emotional , leading to eat without hunger , to thwart his painful thoughts and emotions . These key aspects are present in the majority of people are overweight , will be taken into account with you without treatment based on genetics. But no doubt many people would not be opposed to a small boost drug that finally work!