Wavertone 180 Reviews  – Does one do plenty of house workout routines and you also are searching for an item which will enable you to definitely workout with a lot more ease and comfort and help? The WaverTone 180 is really a solution which you may well need to try out making use of then. The maker statements this workout device will certainly boost the best way which you do your workout routines. What is excellent regarding the WaverTone180 is it incorporates a curve design and style in the region in the device in which you relaxation the body on. This permits the WaverTone to efficiently help the body when you do your crunches, sit-ups, pushups along with a great deal much more and on the identical time can also be in a position to offer you just as much convenience as you can once you do the stated workout routines. Also, what is excellent concerning the Waver Tone 180 is in addition, it provides three distinct amounts of resistance therefore if you’re just commencing out along with your perform outs and also you want an additional obstacle or else you are an physical exercise veteran seeking to include much more depth for your schedule then the maker claims the WaverTone 180 ought to be ideal for you.

WaverTone 180 Acquire Ideal Nourishment BCAA Supplement:

And understanding this example, I wrote an post referred to as: The load in the practitioner’s diet plan could be delicious. Inside the post I give some tips about the way you can perform to boost taste within your diet program without her skirt, it really is well worth studying. As well as in this informative article I arrived enhance with a few other ideas that will include taste in your diet plan, so that you don’t get ill and might skip towards the finish, hence attaining its objective.

Use spices with a lot:

Use spices in meals are incredibly legitimate and WaverTone 180 that a lot of individuals nonetheless insist believe that can harm its outcomes. The reality is that should you clog up these hen broths, greens, meat or bacon, clog fatty sauces or things filled with excess fat and sodium, you’ll not have excellent outcomes which will damage you.

Should to You utilize the WaverTone System to Tone one’s body?

WaverTone is a simple bit of physical exercise tools that may fold up and become positioned anyplace in your house. It is compact and simple to utilize: you fundamentally just lie on it and carry out exactly the same workout routines you have done your existence – like pushups and sit-ups.

WaverTone helps make a large offer about its “dual resistance” engineering, which pushes towards you around the way down and pulls towards you around the way up. They really don’t truly clarify how this functions, nevertheless it looks bodily unattainable.

In almost any scenario, if you are searching for a simple, reasonably-priced work out you’ll be able to do in the home, and then the WaverTone system might be specifically what you are seeking for. Nonetheless, a lot more superior health and fitness lovers almost certainly really don’t have to have a unit similar to this.

Just how much Does WaverTone 180 Cost?

WaverTone 180 is accessible via two various provides:

  • Standard System – Contains three resistance bands, individual coaching strategy DVD (hosted by health and fitness specialist Briana Michel), fundamental workout chart, and nourishment guidebook: five payments of $19.ninety five, additionally $9.ninety five S&H
  • Smart Pilates System – Everything found inside the Standard System, in addition to a Max Roller and Wave Band set: five payments of $29.ninety five, furthermore $9.ninety five S&H

Important note: While there’s no bodyweight listed within the product’s website, based on its size alone, we’d imagine it won’t specifically be inexpensive to ship the unit back for the producer. Be sure to take this into consideration prior to placing your order.

In the article below, you can read about Avoiding the aging process . The aim of this article is to show health and nutrition information strictly informative character not intended to replace the opinion of a doctor or a nutrition professional. If you have any health problems or concerns that are related to this article, Avoiding the aging process , we suggest that you consult your doctor or a nutritionist.

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Prevents aging by improving your diet

With the aging population growing, everyone wants to look ten years younger, and now you can do it and you can also start doing it without resorting to wrinkle creams , Botox or even plastic surgery .

With proper diet, it has been shown to healthy nutrition can slow the aging process.

There are a variety of nutritious foods that you can incorporate into your diet so that you not only look younger but you also feel younger and healthier, delaying the effects of aging .

To do this you must eat foods containing antionxidantes , especially fruits because they reduce the rate of damage from free radicals, which are one of the reasons for the appearance of wrinkles and aging .

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Foods that prevent aging

Some of the best foods that can help slow the aging process are:

Berries: There are a variety of fruits that help prevent aging of the skin , keeping it young and maintaining a radiant look. In general, berries, contain a number of antioxidants that slow the aging process , and also serve to fight diseases of the skin such as acne. Berries that can benefit your youth include acai, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and especially blueberries. Blueberries can also help slow mental aging process and fight diseases like Alzheimer’s and other dementias related conditions.

Carrots: Fruits and vegetables containing beta carotene are helpful to moisturize the skin by protecting the vitamin C that protects your body from oxidation. When you do not get enough beta – carotene, the skin becomes dry and cracked, increases the aging process and wrinkles appear more pronounced. Fruits and vegetables that are rich in beta – carotene include sweet potatoes, carrots, mangos and squash.

Lycopene: The lycopene is not a nutrient that our bodies need, but it is definitely recommended if you want to slow down the aging process . The skin is damaged by exposure to ultraviolet light singlet oxygen. To counteract the singlet and free radicals, lycopene facilitates transmitting processes radachlorin other cells and organs need. Fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of lycopene are tomatoes, watermelon, papaya, guava, red pepper and pink grapefruit.

Strawberries contain antioxidants and prevent aging

To the extent that your diet is rich in fruits and vegetables, you will most likely to stop the deterioration of age. Your skin will be clear, moisturized and protected from various diseases that cause aging and increase the added risk of skin cancer.

You can be creative making fruit smoothies to make sure you get a great mix of aging with harmony and beauty of skin.

In the article below, you can read information about type 2 diabetes . The aim of this article is to show health and nutrition information strictly informative character not intended to replace the opinion of a doctor or a nutrition professional. If you have any health problems or concerns that are related to this article, type 2 diabetes , we suggest that you consult your doctor or a nutritionist.

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Insulin is used to treat diabetes

Type 2 diabetes , also called adult – onset diabetes is much more common than type 1. In type 2 diabetes the pancreas either does not produce adequate levels of insulin or the body becomes resistant to its own insulin.

Type 1 diabetes , also known as adolescent diabetes, differs from Type 2 in which the body stops producing insulin altogether.

Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed in children or young adults. The type 2 diabetes is usually diagnosed in older adults, however, it is becoming much more common in the younger population.

Symptoms of diabetes

With the onset of diabetes, either type 1 or type 2, we lose our ability to properly process sugar. When this occurs, the levels of blood sugar increase due to the inability of the body to transport sugar into cells through the blood. Sugar is very important because it is the source of fuel for the cells in our body.

Insulin is needed to transport sugar from the blood and cells. Diabetes is a serious disease and can lead to many other health problems. Some problems commonly found diabetics are at increased risk of heart problems, circulatory problems, high blood pressure, vision problems and blindness, nerve damage and kidney damage.

Being diagnosed with diabetes, it is extremely important that fluctuations in blood sugar is well controlled. With good control of blood sugar levels in the blood and prevent prolonged periods of high blood sugar levels, people with diabetes can live a healthy and long life.

Diabetes is a serious disease and can lead to many other health problems.

Diagnosis of diabetes

Fortunately for early diagnosis of diabetes, there are more and more tools available to help monitor and control the disease. Glucose meters are becoming smaller and easier to use. Blood samples necessary for glucose utilization are much smaller than in the past. Painful finger pricks can now be avoided with blood samples can be taken from less sensitive areas like the forearm.

Test glucose for diabetes

In the relatively near future, there will be control devices noninvasive glucose that do not require a blood sample for nothing. A simple blood test, known as the A1c test can measure the average blood glucose levels over the previous three months.

This test is a very good way to monitor and measure the effectiveness of current treatments, diet, medications. This test is now available for home use and as such, do not even need a doctor’s visit.

Diabetes Control

The Type 2 diabetics have more options available to control blood sugar that type 1 diabetics . Not only are there oral medications, often eliminating the need for insulin treatment, but also methods that can eliminate the need drug.

Type 2 diabetics should keep themselves informed in order to determine the best methods available to deal with his condition. A good start is to consult a specialist in the treatment of diabetes doctor. Most medical specialists will have nutritional to help understand the relationship of various food items with levels of blood sugar advice.

Food for diabetes

Diabetics should be very familiar with supplements of vitamins , minerals, herbs and options to improve metabolism and controlling blood sugar.

Examples of supplements that are well known to help in this regard are chromium, magnesium and vanadyl sulfate.

Vanadyl sulfate has been shown to improve glucose sensitivity and decrease insulin resistance.

Several herbal preparations have been shown to significantly improve the levels of blood sugar, sugar metabolism, and apparently even improve the function of insulin – producing cells in the pancreas. In particular, sylvestris gymnema , known as “sugar destroyer”, has proven to have positive effects and benefits for diabetics.

Exercise to control diabetes

Along with proper, proper nutrition and supplements of vitamins , other important considerations are weight control and exercise. Overweight greatly increases the load on the pancreas as fat requires much more lean tissue insulin.

Exercise not only helps control body fat and reduce weight also helps transport sugar from the blood and into cells. Diabetes is a very serious condition, but with the proper diet , the glucose control , and exercise can greatly improve our ability to control the disease.

We must try to educate ourselves, not only the importance of tight control of blood sugar, but also the different methods and options available to help in this regard.

By using good judgment in diet, weight control, exercise and proper supplementation, diabetics can significantly reduce complications and lead a healthy and long life.

In the article below, you can read information on the metabolism of carbohydrates . The aim of this article is to show health and nutrition information strictly informative character not intended to replace the opinion of a doctor or a nutrition professional. If you have any health problems or concerns that are related to this article, the metabolism of carbohydrates , we suggest that you consult your doctor or a nutritionist.


carbohydrate metabolis

The carbohydrate metabolism refers to the biochemistry of the different processes that are responsible for training, sharing and transformation of carbohydrates in living things.

One of the carbohydrates most important is glucose, a simple sugar or monosaccharide which is metabolized by nearly all known organisms.

Glucose and other carbohydrates are part of a wide variety of metabolic pathways between species : plants synthesize carbohydrates gases from the atmosphere through photosynthesis store the energy absorbed internally. Often this carbohydrate metabolism is in the form of starch or lipids.

Animals and fungi feed on plants and use their metabolized as fuel for cellular respiration components. Oxidizing a carbohydrate gram to about 4 cal metabolized produces energy and lipid of about 9 cal. Typically, the energy obtained from metabolism (for example, the oxidation of glucose) is stored temporarily in the cells as ATP. Organisms capable of metabolizing aerobic respiration of glucose and oxygen to release energy with carbon dioxide and water as byproducts.

Carbohydrates are also short – term fuel for organisms because they are simpler to metabolize fats or amino acid chains of proteins that are used as fuel. In animals, the most important carbon hydrate is glucose, so much so that the glucose level is used as the main control of the main metabolic hormone, insulin Some simple carbohydrates have their own way of enzymatic oxidation, as only some more complex carbon hydrates. The lactose , for example, is a saccharine which requires the lactate enzyme to divide it into its monosaccharide components. Animals lacking this enzyme in adulthood and can not metabolize lactose .

Carbohydrates are stored as polymers, long of glucose molecules with glycoside bonds structural support (eg, chitin, cellulose) or energy storage (glycogen eg starch). However, the strong affinity of most carbohydrate with water makes the storage of large amounts of carbohydrates is inefficient due to the high molecular weight water.

In most organisms, excess carbohydrates is regularly metabolized to form acetyl-Co, which is a raw material for the metabolism of fatty acids, fatty acids, triglycerides and other lipids are commonly used for long-term storage of energy. The hydrophobic character of lipids makes them a much more compact form of energy storage than carbohydrates carbon. However, animals, including humans, lack the enzymatic machinery so do not synthesize glucose from lipids. They all share a general formula of carbohydrates about Chignon; glucose is C6H12O6. Saccharomyces may be chemically bonded to form saccharine like sucrose and Saccharomyces such as starch and cellulose.

In the article below, you can read about causes, symptoms and treatments of coronary artery disease . The aim of this article is to show health and nutrition information strictly informative character not intended to replace the opinion of a doctor or a nutrition professional. If you have any health problems or concerns that are related to this article, causes, symptoms and treatments of coronary artery disease , we suggest that you consult your doctor or a nutritionist.


The chest pain is a symptom of coronary artery disease

The coronary artery disease is a circulatory system disease that occurs due to the contraction of the arteries as a result of atherosclerosis .

Due to the contraction of the arteries, not enough oxygen to the heart muscles. When the heart does not receive enough oxygen, chest pain occurs. This condition is called angina .

The possibility of a heart attack is common if an artery is completely blocked. Coronary artery disease is one of the most common diseases that occur in people around the world. Every year a large number of people die from heart attacks .

Coronary heart disease can be prevented to reduce the number of deaths caused by heart problems.

For further information on the cause of coronary artery disease, we must know that harden the arteries due to atherosclerosis. As a result, the heart receives an amount much lower oxygen it needs. Plaques form within the blood vessels. These plates are formed by fatty acids. Such blockage causes the arteries to narrow passage and heart muscles do not receive enough oxygen. Deposition of bad cholesterol in the arteries is a leading cause of clogging that occurs in the arteries.

The symptoms of coronary artery disease do not appear until the problem becomes very serious. People get to know about that problem when suffering from chest pain or angina. Angina is one of the first symptoms that may be experienced by people with coronary artery disease. People who have this problem can also experience pain or discomfort in the chest. The pain may disappear when you take adequate rest.

Treatment of this disease involves drugs that reduce cholesterol bad in the body. The anti – platelet drugs are used to prevent blood clots. Medications to control high blood pressure helps prevent heart attacks. In case you experience any of the symptoms of coronary artery disease, you should immediately consult a doctor. A heart attack can be prevented if doctors if caught early.

In the article below, you can read about symptoms of menopause, menopause and post menopause . The aim of this article is to show health and nutrition information strictly informative character not intended to replace the opinion of a doctor or a nutrition professional. If you have any health problems or concerns that are related to this article, symptoms of menopause, menopause and post menopause , we suggest that you consult your doctor or a nutritionist.

Need Advice For Your Perimenopause Symptoms?
Need Advice For Your Menopause Symptoms?

The headache is one of the symptoms of menopause

The menopause indicates disruption of the menstrual cycle of a woman. Once a woman reaches the menopause stage, it becomes sterile. The menopause symptoms vary with the phases of menopause.

The Menopause refers to the stage prior to menopause that occurs in women. Menopause usually occurs between the ages of 35 to 45 years in most women.

Also it is noted that the time menopause occurs differs from woman to woman.

Symptoms of perimenopause

In phase of perimenopause, women may experience hot flashes, sleep problems and lack of sexual desire. Women can get very cranky, irritable, anxious and suffering from depression in some cases. In phase in perimenopause, a woman’s sexual desire decreases.

The skin can dry and the hairs can be lost in excess due to perimenopause. Vaginal dryness is one of the symptoms of perimenopause . Incontinence, heart palpitations and irregularities in menstrual periods are some other symptoms of perimenopause.

Symptoms of menopause

There are a number of symptoms of menopause . Most menopausal symptoms are similar to the symptoms of perimenopause.

Menopausal women often have less sexual appetite. Sudden and severe mood swings tears are two other symptoms of menopause. Women who reach menopause may tire easily. Fatigue is one of the lost common symptoms of menopause.

Menopausal women may also suffer from lack of concentration and mental confusion. Many women also gain weight due to menopause. The rapid heart rate, panic disorders and headaches are some other symptoms of menopause.

Symptoms of postmenopause

The symptoms of post menopause the women suffer usually between forty five to fifty-five years old. Most postmenopausal symptoms are the same as the symptoms of menopause. Postmenopausal women may experience mood swings, sleep problems, anxiety, hair loss, increased irritability, etc.

If we talk about the effects of post menopause health, heart problems due to an increased level of cholesterol in the body of postmenopausal women can also occur. The bone loss may also occur in women who are at this stage.

In the article below, you can read information on symptoms and treatment of urinary tract infections . The aim of this article is to show health and nutrition information strictly informative character not intended to replace the opinion of a doctor or a nutrition professional. If you have any health problems or concerns that are related to this article, Symptoms and treatment of urinary tract infections , we suggest that you consult your doctor or a nutritionist.


Urinary tract infection

Any kind of infection that occurs in the urinary system of a person due to bacteria, known as urinary tract infection. A lot of people suffer from this disease worldwide.

This infection occurs mainly in women. Men rarely suffer from this infection, but that does not mean they can not get it.

Symptoms of urinary tract infection

In order to detect this disease in its early stages, it is important to know what your symptoms. The following are some of the symptoms that patients often experience urinary tract infection. People who have urinary tract infection, feel a burning sensation when urinating .

People who suffer from this type of infection may also experience pain in the back and lower abdomen. Those suffering from a urinary tract infection, may have wanted to go to the bathroom again and again to urinate, even when you really do not need. In many cases, the urine of people who have a urinary tract infection may smell bad or blood.

Treatment of urinary tract infection


For the treatment of urinary tract infections , doctors usually prescribe antibiotic treatment. It is important to complete the antibiotic treatment prescribed by the doctor to get rid of the infection completely and prevent their recurrence.

Apart from medical treatment, there are some alternative treatments to cure urinary tract infection. Cranberry juice is very beneficial for those with urinary tract infection since this helps in decreasing fruit of bladder infection.

Patients of this disease are advised to take 500 IU of vitamin C to reduce the severity of urinary tract infection. Remember that if you experience any symptoms of urinary tract infection, you should consult your doctor first. Medical treatment is the most reliable for urinary tract infection treatment.

In the article below, you can read about causes, symptoms and treatment of vulvodynia . The aim of this article is to show health and nutrition information strictly informative character not intended to replace the opinion of a doctor or a nutrition professional. If you have any health problems or concerns that are related to this article, causes, symptoms and treatment of vulvodynia , we suggest that you consult your doctor or a nutritionist.

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Itching and pain are some symptoms of vulvodynia

The Vulvodynia is a type of condition that affects women in the area of the vulva. The parts of the vulva including the clitoris, labia majora, labia minora, the Bartolin glands and the entrance to the vagina.

There may be a large number of women who hesitate to mention this problem to doctors. The generalized vulvodynia and vestibular vulvodynia are the two main types of vulvodynia .

If we talk about the causes of this condition, then we have to mention that researchers and doctors are still unclear about the exact causes of this problem.

Causes of vulvodynia

Some people may believe that vulvodynia is related to sexually transmitted diseases, but no reports to prove it.

Hypersensitivity to fungi cells, a kind of allergy to certain chemicals, a history of sexual abuse and frequent use of antibiotics, could be some of the causes of vulvodynia.

Damage to the nervous system, muscle spasms, hormonal changes and genetic factors are also possible causes of this condition. However, nothing is clear about the exact causes of this condition.

Symptoms of vulvodynia

In most cases the symptoms of vulvodynia appear suddenly . Excoriations, burning, stinging, pain, tenderness and pain are some of the common symptoms experienced by women suffering from vulvodynia.

Patients of vulvodynia may also be itchy. Many women who suffer from this experience severe pain problem. This pain is like that experienced when an acid comes into contact with skin.

Symptoms of this condition may be different in each woman and appear in varying degrees and forms. Some women may suffer from all symptoms, while others may experience symptoms spacedly over time.


Treatment vulvoldinia

There are different medications to treat vulvodynia . Estrogen creams, local anesthetics such as lidocaine, injections of interferon and tricyclic antidepressants are some of the drugs used to treat this problem.

In some cases where women suffer from vulvar vestibulitis syndrome, surgery may be necessary. The tissue causing pain is removed in this surgical procedure.

In the article below, you can read information about nutrition and hair . The aim of this article is to show health and nutrition information strictly informative character not intended to replace the advice of a doctor or nutrition professional. If you have any health problems or concerns that are related to this article, Nutrition and hair , we suggest that you consult your doctor or a nutritionist.

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Nutrition and hair are related

Hormones and vitamins play an important role in hair growth. Hair is composed of a pigment called “melanin”, which is also produced in the skin of humans. This pigment is responsible for the coloration of the skin and hair.

In young people, the hair has lots of melanin pigments that give color to the hair and increasing age, the melanin pigments decreases, resulting in a bleaching hair in older people.

In older people, the follicles produce thin and long hair and sometimes stop producing hair. This is the cause of baldness . Alcohol and malnutrition also negatively affect hair growth .

The essential mineral for hair growth is zinc. This mineral is responsible for hair growth and prevents hair turns gray. The hormones and vitamins also play an essential role in hair growth . Androgens are useful for hair growth and also help strengthen the hair root, but are present in different proportions in men and women.

Female hormones estrogen or decrease hair growth during the growth of the individual. During pregnancy, hair growth can be affected due to the level of estrogen in the blood during this period.

The effect of androgens in men is different to different people. That is why some people do not have beard and chest hair until after 25 years and that others have before 20.

The vitamin B or panthenol helps maintain hair growth and also contributes to the elasticity and strength of hair. Steroids taken by inhalation asthma patients do not affect hair growth, but if taken orally, hair growth will slow

In the article below, you can read about the liver and weight loss . The aim of this article is to show health and nutrition information strictly informative character not intended to replace the advice of a doctor or nutrition professional. If you have any health problems or concerns that are related to this article, the liver and weight loss , we suggest that you consult your doctor or a nutritionist.

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Liver and weight loss are relate

The liver is the main organ that uses the body to burn fat. Regulate liver metabolism of fats by a complicated set of biochemical reactions. The liver can also remove excess fat from the body via the bile into the small intestine. If the diet is high in fiber, this unwanted fat removed from the body through bowel actions. Therefore the liver is very important to keep the weight under control, while being an organ that burns fat and eliminates body fat.

If the diet is low in fiber, some of the fats (especially cholesterol) and toxins that have been introduced by the liver into the intestine through the bile is recirculated to return to the liver. This occurs via the enterohepatic circulation. The term describes the enterohepatic circulation fluid recirculation (consisting mainly of bile acids) from the intestine to the liver. Enterohepatic circulation is very large, with approximately 95% of the bile acids that the last section of the small intestine (ileum) return back to the liver are reabsorbed. The liver recirculated again these bile acids in the small intestine and the whole of bile recycled through the entero-hepatic circulation six to eight times daily. If this circulating fluid is high in fat and / or toxins, this contributes to excessive weight. A diet high in fiber will reduce the recirculation of fat and toxins from intestine back to the liver. This is vitally important for people with excess weight, problems with toxic and high cholesterol. Eating fruits and vegetables increase the soluble and insoluble fiber in the gut, and reduce recirculation unwanted fat and toxins. Rice or wheat bran, psyllium husks and muesli can increase fiber efficiently.

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If the filter liver is damaged by toxins or obstructed (blocked) with excessive waste material will be less able to remove small fat globules (chylomicrons) circulating in the bloodstream. This will cause excess fat to accumulate in the walls of blood vessels. This fat can then gradually increase in many other parts of the body, including other organs and fat deposits under the skin. This way you can develop cellulite on the buttocks, thighs, arms and abdominal wall. If the liver is dysfunctional, it will not produce adequate amounts of good cholesterol (HDL), which travels outside the liver to clean the bad cholesterol (LDL) in the walls of blood vessels.

If the liver is healthy filter it allows dietary cholesterol is derived in the liver for metabolism or excretion through the bile. A healthy liver filter is essential to properly regulate levels of blood cholesterol. Malfunctioning of the liver can increase your chances of cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. If the liver does not regulate fat metabolism efficiently, it tends to increase the accumulation of fat around the abdominal area and a protruding abdomen (belly) will be developed. Another sign may be the accumulation of fat around the upper abdomen. This is often a sign of fatty liver. It can be almost impossible to lose this abdominal fat until liver function is improved. Once this is done, the liver will begin to burn fat efficiently again and the weight is gradually lost and without much effort on your part. You need not be unhappy if you follow a low-calorie, low-fat diet. What is effective in the long term is to eat foods and the right nutrients for the liver to improve its function of burning fat.

Many middle-aged people with excess fat in the abdominal area have a “fatty liver”. With this condition, the liver has stopped burning fat and has become a body fat storage. It is enlarged and swollen with fat deposits in adipose tissue. People with fatty liver will not be able to lose weight unless they first improve liver function. If you have a fatty liver is vital to have patience, since you can take 3 to 12 months to remove excess fat in the liver, depending on the amount of fat deposited. After this fat accumulated in the liver has been removed, weight loss is easier. If you suffer from a serious case of fatty liver disease can take several years to lose all the excess weight. However, this is a great long-term success and offers the best opportunity to restore your figure and your health. Fatty liver is common, doctors often tell patients with this problem not too worried, because it is not serious. Although it is not a serious disease, if you have a fatty liver, your chances of having high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes are significantly higher. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to find a fatty liver in adolescents who consume a diet rich in processed foods and soft drinks.

If the liver is overloaded with the wrong hormone replacement therapy, drugs or toxins type, liver biochemical pathways have less energy reserves left over to perform its function of fat metabolism. So, these things can lead to weight gain. For menopausal women with a weight problem, the best type of therapy is hormone replacement, ie, hormonal patches, creams or oral pills (tablets).