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In the article below, you can read about causes, symptoms and treatment of vulvodynia . The aim of this article is to show health and nutrition information strictly informative character not intended to replace the opinion of a doctor or a nutrition professional. If you have any health problems or concerns that are related to this article, causes, symptoms and treatment of vulvodynia , we suggest that you consult your doctor or a nutritionist.

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Itching and pain are some symptoms of vulvodynia

The Vulvodynia is a type of condition that affects women in the area of the vulva. The parts of the vulva including the clitoris, labia majora, labia minora, the Bartolin glands and the entrance to the vagina.

There may be a large number of women who hesitate to mention this problem to doctors. The generalized vulvodynia and vestibular vulvodynia are the two main types of vulvodynia .

If we talk about the causes of this condition, then we have to mention that researchers and doctors are still unclear about the exact causes of this problem.

Causes of vulvodynia

Some people may believe that vulvodynia is related to sexually transmitted diseases, but no reports to prove it.

Hypersensitivity to fungi cells, a kind of allergy to certain chemicals, a history of sexual abuse and frequent use of antibiotics, could be some of the causes of vulvodynia.

Damage to the nervous system, muscle spasms, hormonal changes and genetic factors are also possible causes of this condition. However, nothing is clear about the exact causes of this condition.

Symptoms of vulvodynia

In most cases the symptoms of vulvodynia appear suddenly . Excoriations, burning, stinging, pain, tenderness and pain are some of the common symptoms experienced by women suffering from vulvodynia.

Patients of vulvodynia may also be itchy. Many women who suffer from this experience severe pain problem. This pain is like that experienced when an acid comes into contact with skin.

Symptoms of this condition may be different in each woman and appear in varying degrees and forms. Some women may suffer from all symptoms, while others may experience symptoms spacedly over time.


Treatment vulvoldinia

There are different medications to treat vulvodynia . Estrogen creams, local anesthetics such as lidocaine, injections of interferon and tricyclic antidepressants are some of the drugs used to treat this problem.

In some cases where women suffer from vulvar vestibulitis syndrome, surgery may be necessary. The tissue causing pain is removed in this surgical procedure.

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