Nutrition and hair

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Nutrition and hair are related

Hormones and vitamins play an important role in hair growth. Hair is composed of a pigment called “melanin”, which is also produced in the skin of humans. This pigment is responsible for the coloration of the skin and hair.

In young people, the hair has lots of melanin pigments that give color to the hair and increasing age, the melanin pigments decreases, resulting in a bleaching hair in older people.

In older people, the follicles produce thin and long hair and sometimes stop producing hair. This is the cause of baldness . Alcohol and malnutrition also negatively affect hair growth .

The essential mineral for hair growth is zinc. This mineral is responsible for hair growth and prevents hair turns gray. The hormones and vitamins also play an essential role in hair growth . Androgens are useful for hair growth and also help strengthen the hair root, but are present in different proportions in men and women.

Female hormones estrogen or decrease hair growth during the growth of the individual. During pregnancy, hair growth can be affected due to the level of estrogen in the blood during this period.

The effect of androgens in men is different to different people. That is why some people do not have beard and chest hair until after 25 years and that others have before 20.

The vitamin B or panthenol helps maintain hair growth and also contributes to the elasticity and strength of hair. Steroids taken by inhalation asthma patients do not affect hair growth, but if taken orally, hair growth will slow

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